Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raya With Ayesha

"Thanks, MommaJett, for the duit Raya" :)

"Do I look cuter when I bite my lip like this?"

"Papa, how much duit Raya do I have now? Can we go to Disneyland already? Should I ask MommaJett for more moola?"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dough-nut Miss These Spook-tacular Limited-Edition Halloween Treats!

This Halloween, treat yourself to Krispy Kreme’s ‘spook’tacular limited-edition Halloween doughnuts which include The Skull, The Pumpkin, The Spiderweb & The Halloween Sprinkles.
The Skull is filled with chocolate cream and dipped with yummylicious white chocolate, while The Spiderweb is topped with chocolate and has custard filling.
The Pumpkin’s orange-flavoured chocolate topping goes well its cream filling and The Halloween Sprinkles has orange & chocolate sprinkles to cast a sweet spell on you!
That’s not all!
If you include these 4 Halloween doughnuts into your purchase, you get to grab a handful of trick-or-treat goodies from Krispy Kreme!
Don’t miss out – come over to Krispy Kreme & be spellbound this Halloween!
Duration: 18 – 31 October 2010
Venue: Berjaya Times Square, MidValley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid & Plaza Shah Alam

Jalan-Jalan on Raya 1st

"I'm kinda sleepy already... can we go home, now?"

"Last picture! No more photos after this! I'm tired!"

"Papa, please help me! Please take me away from GrandDad!!!!"

"so, how did your house become so antique like this?" asked Ayesha, who was trying to have a conversation with the elderly! :p

Sinjapore F1 2010


No F1 concert this year but there were performances by Lambert, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, etc before & after the qualifying & Sunday race.

I only went to one i.e. Lambert. Didn’t stay until finish, anyway.



It amazed me how this dude suspended himself for hours, just like that!



“May I have a picture with you, please?” :)


Webber was somewhere in there! (or, so I had hoped!)

065 070

Same old F1. Just glad Webber won! :)

No Raya Photo This Year! Boo!



Unlike previous years, this year we didn’t do the official salam-salam session, hence no 1st day of Raya photograph!

Frustrated but what to do… time clashes and all sorts. Couldn’t find a time where ALL of us could gather on the 1st day.

Anyhow, picture above is from the 3rd weekend of Raya (also the Sinjapore F1 weekend) Dad had his Open House in his kampung i.e. Pengkalan Ballack!

I feel like ketupat & thick sambal kachang now!

Eh, it’s lunchtime… better go look for food!

Tun M's Open House

Wei! Huru hara nyeh laaa haiii rambut kena tiup kipas!!!

& why is it that lately, all the pictures from good ol' Lumix camera turned out to be blur?
Time to get a DSLR? or, is it DLSR? I dunno :p
Better still, just stick to Polaroid - Fuji Instant Camera! :)