Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Sick Of Being Sad

i am a slave to my emotions
i cannot fake what i don't feel.
neither can i fake what i do feel.

i am sick of being sad, too.
but this is not a gimmick.

all the sadness, anger, guilt and fear
i wish for them to disappear.
for this is not me.
and as much as i miss the world & you, i miss me more.

to fully heal,
i cannot bury or ignore these emotions.
this healing process takes time.
i need to give my heart time to heal.
but i am not sure how much time i have left.

at times, i thought i got over it
but waves of sadness, anger, guilt and fear keep coming back.
and i hate it when they do.

just waking up is a struggle
that is why i know i am not me.

i beat myself for being weak
but who is the tough cookie?

get me out of this.
i am sick of being sad.


  1. When you choose to become more, you are choosing to go on the greatest adventure of your life. We are taught that need something or SOMEONE outside ourselves to be happy.

    This is the greatest misunderstanding of our time. Seek all you want, eventually you will find that everything and anything you are looking for is within you.

    Become you own soulmate, partner in crime and best friend. When you do, you will attract all that and more into your life.