Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Worst Is To Be EMOTIONALLY Cheated

SO want to blog but didn't have the time.

Work is just overwhelming these days (I do REAL work, not Facebooking or flirting online and claim that I'm busy OK!) - I SERIOUSLY need an assistant & most importantly, A BREAK!

I will try (trying leaves room for failure, someone told me once) and make time to write.
I need to write.

Anyways, I came across some "interesting" articles, here and here

SO much to write on this subject.

Time will come and I shall write.

In the meanwhile, share me your thoughts on the subject :)

Gotta run... I'm SO late for badminton! :)


  1. Emotional involvement seems devastating given in any relationship, you'd expect your partner to share everything with you instead of only bits and pieces with you and bits and pieces with someone else. But some people like to compartmentalize.

    It differs (I guess?) amongst individuals.

    I have asked the question of "which is worst: emotional or physical cheating?".

    Some people say physical. Some people say emotional.

    To me, emotional infidelity is worse.

  2. SenoritaDaffodilia: INFIDELITY, whichever it is - emotional or physical - is devastating.
    It shouldn't take a place in any relationship.

    "when you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil" - Max Lerner; Actions & Passions, 1949.