Monday, August 9, 2010

I Don’t Wear Lipstick & Don’t Live In The Jungle Either :)



I’ve been watching Lipstick Jungle lately.

Didn’t think I would like that sort of gurlie TV series (I don’t even watch Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy) until I saw a few episodes on ASTRO.

I was told that LJ stopped at Season 2. Wonder why.

I love the characters and I honestly speaking, can see myself in every one of them.

The characters represent outspoken, vocal, independent, strong (yet mellow in the inside women of today) who, as much as resenting that male homo sapiens are the better more stable creatures, the women are still powerful.

Most of the times, I relate so much to Wendy -- the intense person she is yet she still needs Shane to assures her that things are going to be OK, when they aren’t.

The part that touches me so much about Wendy & Shane’s relationship is when, each time Shane says “Come here” to Wendy, she ‘melts’ and she knows there will always be someone there for her when things don’t go so dandy, no matter how independent they both are.

Does it make me lousy romantic cockamamie if I admit that every Shane calls out “come here” to Wendy, I feel like jumping into his arms, instead? :p

Sometimes, I think I’m more Victory Ford.

Individualistic and my love life is a constant wreck!

And... Nico Reily... who doesn’t want to be Nico Reily, right? But Charles, her cheating late husband. Can you imagine being married to someone so long, and for the same amount of time, he has someone else on his mind, in his heart and eventually, had a baby with? Men, I tell you… are all bastards! Pardon my French.

Oh, well…

Anywho, here’s a particular scene where I loved the script the most – when Nico just came back from having her vibrating vajayjay:


Wendy: Why would you do this?

Nico: Because I can’t be lying next to my husband thinking about someone else anymore. I’m trying to get back what Charles and I had when we first met. This may not be the whole answer, Wendy, but it’s a start.

Wendy: Wouldn’t it be easier to tell him the truth? Come on, honey, you and Charles have been together a long time. it’s not like you haven’t had your suspicions about him and his fawning co-eds. Maybe he’s got some sins of his own to confess. If you both come clean, you can move on.


Now, how many of you can REALLY move on after being betrayed?


  1. it's me!
    no matter what, one day you will move on insya-Allah.

  2. time will heal everything..take care dear.

  3. You are more like Wendy Healy la!