Sunday, August 1, 2010

still scared

i thought about it before i left to check out the pinoy market, actually.
i surveyed around.
but just before i made the payment, i told myself "have a little more faith that he is actually trustworthy"

i knew i should have hired the private investigator.

but, i knew too, that God was my utmost reliable private investigator.
i prayed to Him every single day to show me if he was dishonest.
then, came 110610.

still struggling.

still writing to heal.


  1. Everything happen for a reason...
    Allah know u strong enough now to handle and to know the truth on that day..He made a plan for u..for all of us..The only option we follow the plan..

    Time flies. Time heals all wounds. All any of us wants is more time. Time to stand up. Time to grow up. Time to let go...

    so for me..its about a time..Allah plan for you to know- the truth..

  2. Mr Sesiput: Only Allah knows best :)
    thanks for the word of advice