Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diamonds – Do I Have To Say More?



Lately, I have this strange urge to buy...erm, diamond.

OK, it is the MOST ridiculous thing to purchase EVEN under the pretext of healing a broken heart, OK I get it! :p

But, some feelings - like love & hate - you simply cannot resist (you know I'm just trying my luck to convince you and justify my unusual desire, right? :p :p)

I even have a particular diamond ring - of course! - in my head that I want to buy but I think this 'imaginary' diamond ring of mine is custom-made.

No jeweller would have it.

Anyhow, one of the jewellery shops in my office building is having their 55th Anniversary promotion now and almost everything in the shop is up to 70%(YES! SEVENTY percent!) off!

I didn't know it until I dared myself to walk into the shop and fought against one half of me which kept saying, "you know you are going to regret it if you walk into the shop! you know it"

If men can't resist sexy women, I can't resist myself from walking into a jewellery shop especially when I have been having this urge to buy diamond!

Imagine, for a ring that would have cost you RM12K+++, after 70% discount… it would be about RM3K++

Even I’m not good with math KNOW that, that is a damn good bargain.

Come, buy diamond WRITE & YOU SHALL HEAL! :p

(but if you see something super-shiny on my index finger one of these days, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, OK! :p  Hey, if no one would buy you diamonds, YOU deserve to buy ‘em yourself OK!)


  1. good for you!!!

    buying oneself a diamond ring shows that we ladies made it! and that we dont need a man to buy it for us!

  2. Hi FairyGodmother (can you grant me a wish? ;p)
    I didn't just buy A diamond ring! ;p ;p

  3. careful.. some shops with 70% off and all that are rip offs. They mark up the 'original' prices by so much that they're able to make money even after the discounts! Be sure to surf through a couple of shops first.

  4. Sally - thanks so much for the advice. :)