Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Doa For You

My doa is that NO ONE will ever feel the sadness I felt recently.

It is too unbearable, I really pray NO ONE will ever have to go through that state of sadness.

Although the feeling revisits me every now and then these days, I am fighting it my utmost best, so it won't bring me down as it did before.

Thank you so very much to all my friends - and strangers alike - for all your support and well-wishes.
Only Allah can repay your kind thoughts for me.


  1. Insya-Allah you will find your prayers is with you.
    remember that Allah menguji setiap orang berdasarkan atas kemampuan seseorang itu. (^_^)

  2. Yours Truly - thanks so much for your doa. :)
    Yes, I agree with you, Allah only test us to our utmost ability.
    He does things ONLY with good intentions.
    However, I still wonder whether I have that much strength to bear this ujian from Him. :)

  3. Take care, AA. Hope you'll stay strong to get through this phase. Every cloud has a silver lining, insyaAllah.

  4. i dah rasa apa yg u rasa skang..i know n paham mcm mana rasa tue...even dah 3 bulan berlalu..but still i feel that in my betullah setiap satu dugaan pasti ada hikmah..just never lost hope...Allah always be with matter who we are...

  5. hey babe i dont know whats going on but i do hope all is ok. BUY diamonds if you must....cause who says we cant buy them and have to wait for others to buy.....take care