Monday, July 26, 2010

I Miss You Choo-Choo Train

missU to be quite honest, i miss my old blog The Choo-Choo Train That Never Stops.

Yesterday was The Choo-Choo Train That Never Stops’ 5th birthday and i missed it.

i went through some of the postings a while ago.

i surely had written A LOT on love, on life, on friendship, almost everything under the sun.

(was even impressed  stunned that I could write those beautiful entries! wow!)

and the pictures, are simply priceless.

there were entries where only he had commented on.

and The Choo-Choo Train That Never Stop brought us together.


God, i really miss The Choo-Choo Train That Never Stop.

happy 5th birthday, my beloved.


  1. i like your choo2 train blog..especially when u talk about fatty crab..haha..kalau ada button like mcm kat fb tue dah klik dah..actually you're a very good writer..cara tulisan u mcm u bercakap dgn blog u or the keep it that way..and keep sharing..

    Because we dunt hve all or enough time to learn the mistake and experience in this world alone..we should learn from other people also sharing you let others learn from please dun stop...and keep moving..and sharing...coz i believe your choo choo train never stop rite?... :)

  2. WOW! Mr. Sesiput! You actually had the chance to read The Choo-Choo Train before it got disbanded?
    I must say that some (quite a lot, actually) of the entries in The Choo-Choo Train came from pure emotions.
    When I was extremely down.
    When I was tremendously in love.
    When I was eating my favorite food.
    When I was holidaying at beautiful places.
    When all I wanted to do was write.

    It's sad that I can no longer make The Choo-Choo Train public.
    But write, I shall still.

    Thanks for reading my rambling (which sometimes, qualifies as rubbish, too ;p)

  3. jett, i miss your Choo Choo Train too ...

  4. i do...start reading urs when me n bestfren google bout food..huhuhu...i also following your blog from my old one and hv chance read half of it..

    And also ur Mr dexter blog (mine..i calld them bdak2 bontot berbulu..)..all the pic and story looks like dexter really can talk..

    Sometime what u share gimme inspiration..feel the happiness..i guess i should thank u for that...thats y i ask u..please dunt stop ur train..xpalah kalau bukan menulis dkt the choo choo train..just make another train..asalkan driver dia still the idea remain same..

    betul tak... ;>

  5. Salam,

    I do follow your choo2 train. Love the pics (all of them!). Beautiful Mauritius, lovely Bali, oh sekolah TKC pun ada!

    Gosh, you are not only good in writing, but I can say your pictures really sounds like thousand words!

  6. Yeen - :( i miss choo-choo train, yeen! how're you?

    Mr. Sesiput - can't really explain how nice it feels inside to have a stranger to say nice things to you.

    naza - thanks so much. :) never knew choo-choo train had nice people 'onboard'.
    most of the time, it's normally the nasty ones that left comments on choo-choo train

    i'm eager myself to see this new blog filled with beautiful pictures :)

  7. mr sesiput i found choo-choo when i google on fatty crab years before.there was a time bile i jd penganggur n down i started reading smue ur entries even yg lama2.i must say...i enjoy them very2 much.miss the train very much..but keep on writing n not only it shall heals u, maybe others too..

    btw..i'm also a meruian n love fatty crab n krispy kreme.

  8. Hi Mimi Zarina :)

    It's always nice to know another Meruian, another Fatty Crab lover & a Krispy Kreme fan! :)

  9. owh ... saya pun rindu dgn choo choo train .. :)