Monday, July 19, 2010

Healing The Heart = Crashing The Bank Account!



The road to recovery is full of retail therapy

And I’m not complaining! =)

TUMI makes nice bags

Nice bags make me smile


The only purchase I regretted so much this weekend was that black T from British India!

What the heck are people in British India thinking when they did the pricing for that black T???

It’s as obscene as pricing nasik lemak + telor rebus separuh + 5 bijik kacang + 3 ikan bilis + 2 helai kangkong at RM18.90, OK!!!


Next target is that marroon Mary Jane from Ferragamo!

After 50% discount pun still can’t afford to buy it now…

Do people get mid-year bonus? ;p ;p ;p


  1. Well I got my yearly bonus at mid year... nak join B*N? ;p
    Had a superb time in bali - read blog to know..
    and I finally ordered Krispy Kreme on Air Asia.. sweet ending to a good time.. ;)

  2. if BGroup were to give me a mid-year bonus, i would spend it on diamond ringS!!! ;p ;p ;p
    (got my eyes on TWO diamond rings already!)

    owh, and thanks for the support.
    I still don't have B*N account, sorry :p