Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Don't Have Market!

Interview - Candidate One

Yours truly: ... so, tell me something about yourself that is not on the paper... *smile*

Candidate One: *thinking hard, with eyes shut*


1 minute 59 seconds later, yours truly couldn't tahan to waste time for an answer

Yours truly: ... y'know you can tell me anything... your hobby... your favorite color... anything... *still similing*

Candidate One: *still not saying anything, stared back at the Interviewer as if she was speaking in an alien language*

1 minute 57 seconds later...

Yours truly: ... still can't say anything about yourself that is not on the paper? ... *pause*

Candidate One: *unresponsive*

Yours truly: ... how do you want to market a brand when you can't even market yourself?

Candidate One: *blink, blink, blink - indicating to the Interviewer that she had something to say now*.... i don't have market.

Yours truly couldn't help it but to comment:
"of course you don't. Taman Tun has a market"


Write & I Shall ... errm, Have Market? :p

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