Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Original: Uptight Apetite

Friday, January 12, 2007
Uptight Appetite
I got my appetite back since Koh-Oh-Samui?
You think so?
I dunno.
I did lose some pounds, I guess.
That was because of your Sept 13th dinner.

Please don’t spoil my appetite again.

Of course you know how not to.
Just no repetition of a moron’s act.
i.e. a dinner with another when you’ve “never been happier”
A special 12-year old scotch present shiite.
You know the rest.

I can find a strand in a fantastis pineapple juice.
I would very much hate it if I were to find out another antic.
I am not up for another test.

Please don’t spoil my appetite again.
Posted by Angelita Atractivo at 10:59:00 PM


this was from The Choo-Choo Train That Never Stops.
oh, i do write well :p

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